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About Berestovitsa District

The Berestovitsa region is situated in the west of Grodno oblast. It was founded on January 15, 1940 as the Krynkovsk region, since September 22, 1944 – the Berestovitsa region. The area of the region is 743 thousand square meters. Population (as of January 1, 2005) – 19,975 people, with the urban population accounting for 37.5%. Average density – 26.9 people per 1 square kilometer. 

The town of Bolshaya Berestovitsa is the centre of the region. The Berestovitsa region includes the settlement of Pogranichnyi, 126 villages, 7 rural councils.

The region is located within the bounds of the Belarusian mountain range. The major part of the region is the Volkovysk height, a part of the Neman lowland is in the north, a part of the Grodno height is in the north-west. The prevalent height – 160-120 meters above sea-level. The highest point – 212 meters is in the north of the region (Mogilyany branch).

Minerals: clay, peat, mortar sand.

The major river is the Svisloch River with its tributaries Vereteika, Berestovichanka, Usnarka and Odla. Forests occupy 15% of the region (coniferous, firry, birch, oaken, hornbeam). The soil is mainly sod-podzol. Bogs occupy 7.6% of the region’s area.

The railway Volkovysk-Pogranichnyi (Berestovitsa Railway Station) and the motor-road Grodno-Volkovysk pass the region. The border checkpoint Berestovitsa-Bobrowniki (Poland) is in the west of the region.