Address: st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 4
231778, g.p. Bolshaya Berestovitsa
The Grodno region


Tatyana Grigoryevna

Tel. 8 (01511) 2 18 72

Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 13.00; 14.00 - 17.00
Saturday, Sunday: closed

Schedule of reception of citizens:
Second Wednesday 08.00 - 13.00

The book of comments and suggestions is at the head of the school

Berestovitskaya children's music school with a seven-year course was opened on September 1, 1967

Since 01.08.2007 the Berestovitskaya children's music school has been reorganized into the Berestovitskaya children's art school with the opening of the art department.

Since 01.01.2012, the  State Institution of  Education  «Berestovitskaya Children's Art School» has been established on the basis of the Berestovitskaya Children's Art School with branches on the basis of the Eismontovskaya Children's Art School and the Pogranichny Children's Art School.

The activity of the State Institution of Education «Berestovitskaya Children's Art School» is aimed at the development of children and adolescents, the formation and development of their creative abilities, the satisfaction of individual needs for intellectual, moral perfection, the organization of free time and the professional orientation of the younger generation.

In the State Institution of Education «Berestovitskaya Children's Art School» the work is conducted at the music and art departments. At the music department, children can learn in the choir class and on the following musical instruments: piano, violin, accordion, domra, guitar, balalaika, cymbals and wind instruments. The contingent of pupils as of 01.09.2019 № 305.

The staff of teachers of the State Institution of Education  «Berestovitskaya Children's Art School» consists of 31 qualified specialists. Music and art education covers not only the students of the town of B.Berestovitsa, but also the agro towns of Pogranichny, Eismonty, Malaya Berestovitsa, Makarovtsy, Olekshitsy.

On the basis of the school there are sample choral collectives «Campanelli» (headed by T.Kulik) and «Manzherok» (headed by I. Serebryakovа), sample variety-instrumental ensemble «Tutti» (headed by V.Antonenko) , the folk female vocal ensemble of the teachers of the «Kantsonа» (headed by T.Kulik), the folk instrumental ensemble «Veresk» of the teachers of the Pogranichny branch (headed by S. Baran).

Teachers and students of the music and art departments of the school and its branches are active in participating in various competitions and events.


Address: st. Komarova, 50
231773, ag. Pogranichny
Berestovitsky district
The Grodno region

Head of branch
BARAN Svetlana Alexandrovna
Tel. 8 (01511) 72 3 73

In our branch the training is led in the following musical instruments accordion, domra, balalaika, guitar and piano. All who wants to learn to draw and paint attends  artistic class.

For September 1, 2021 in Pogranichny branch 49 pupils are trained at the art and musical department. 34 of them are trained at the musical department, 11 at the art department and 4 at the  choreographic department.  In September 2021  9 first formers began the education.

There are some creative group in the branch, where all our pupils can show their abilities. The groups are Vocal group «Fa-solka» (headed by T. Sidorovich), the ensemble of guitarists (headed by I. Hudyakov) and children’s  ensemble of folk instruments (headed by S. Baran).

The branch’s teachers conduct a large concert educational work among the population of Pogranichny. The folk instrumental ensemble of the teachers of Pogranichny branch continue its work who take  active part in all events that are laded not only in the village, but in different concert platforms not the district. 


Address: st.Yubileynaya, 17
231785, ag. B. Eismonty
Berestovitsky district
The Grodno region

In the Eismonty branch children of agro towns Bolshie Eismonty and Olekshytsy learn fine arts, playing piano, accordion and  accordion.

Since September 1, 2021, the branch has 58 employees, 16 of them in the music department and 42 in the art department. In the academic year 2021/2022, 15 first-graders are enrolled in the 1st class of the branch.

The life of the branch is not only lessons, exams and academic concerts.
Great importance is attached to joint activities with agricultural organizations «Voronetsky» and «Olekshitsy» to prepare events for residents of agro-towns. These are concerts, exhibitions, festivities. Speeches of our students and teachers always cause the audience a keen interest.

Educational work in the branch is conducted in close connection with the teams of Bolsheismontovskaya  and Olekshitskaya secondary schools.