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Folk group


The head is Tatiana Kulik
The concertmaster is Galina Arkhipova

The vocal group «Kantsona» was created in 1992 from the teachers of the Berestovitskaya children's music school. 

The collective singularities, the different genre orientation, high performing abilities were noticed not only by listeners, but also by professional musicians.

As the result the grade «Folk» in 1997 was confirmed.

The ensemble repertoire is distinguished by its genre and stylistic variety: spiritual music, folk songs processing, romances, modern music, including pop music.

The main idea of the collective is the vocal art outreach, the spiritual culture preservation, both for listeners and performers. 

Bright vocal abilities, performers’ personal qualities, enthusiasm and activities help team’s members achieve a high level of performing skills and the personal stage image.
While its existence the ensemble is a regular participant of regional and district events.

Nowadays the ensemble consists of 8 participants, the team continues performing actively and improving the creative skills.
The Sample Choir «Сampanelli»

The Head is Tatyana Kulik
The Concertmaster is  Galina Karpenko

In 1987, on the basis of the Berestovitskaya music school, a children's choir «Campanelli» was created, which is translated from the Italian «bell». In 1999 the «Campanelli» choir was given the title of «sample». The first head of the choir Zhanna Zhih The high performing level of the team allows you to compete with the choral groups of the region.

The purpose of the choir is to promote choral art, assign skills to work in a team, development of vocal skills.

The repertoire of the collective is wide and diverse. These are folk songs, Russian and foreign classics, spiritual and modern music. The «Campanelli»  choir is an active participant in numerous choral competitions. The choir is also a welcome guest of school and district concerts.

Throughout the years of existence, the «Campanelli» Choir has been an active propagandist of classical art and children's song art, enjoying the love and attention of both children and adults.

The main task of the chorus «Campanelli» is to instill in children a love for choral singing and musical art in General.

The Head - ANTONENKO Vadim Borisovich

In 1994, a brass band in Berestovitskaya Children's Music School was organized. 

At first it had a small number of participants and performed on the school stage.  In 2004, the wind instruments class was headed by Antonenko Vadim Borisovich. 

From this time a new stage in the formation and development of the brass band begins. The repertoire varies and becomes multi-genred, the performing level of the collective increases.

In 2008, the brass band was awarded the title of «sample amateur collective» for the achieved success in the popularization of wind music, high artistic level and active concert activity. 

Since 2009 the collective has been called «Tutti».

On the basis of the orchestra different composition ensembles were created: duets, trios, quartets, quintet. 

The most successful and popular was the pop ensemble. It takes part in all the district events and children's art school concerts. 

Because of the change in the genre and style concert orientation of the orchestra in 2014, the brass band was renamed into the sample variety-instrumental ensemble «Tutti».

The variety ensemble leads active concert activity in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

The band’s performances always arouse an interest among it’s listeners with their different genres and interesting arrangements of famous melodies.

The Sample Choir «Manzherok»

The head is  Irina Serebryakova
The concertmaster is Galina Arkhipova

The junior choir for pupils of the first and the second forms was created in the school in 1989. The love to choir singing united the participants of the group.

On December 17 2008 the title «Тhe Sample Amateur Choir» with the name «Manzherok» was assigned to the choir for advance obtained in the development of the amateur art, the high level of artistic performance and for participating in various concerts.

The choir «Manzherok» takes an active part in school and district concerts, performs successfully with the choir concert programs, such as the performance in the Summer Amphitheatre (Berestovitsa, 2010), the Regional Contest named after K.Gorsky were the choir won the third price in the nomination «The vocal ensemble» (Lida, 2012), the Regional Show-Contest of the Academic Vocal-Choral Groups of Grodno Region where the choir confirmed the title «Тhe Choir” (2013).

In April 2014 the sample Choir «Manzherok» took part in the report of Choral Department of Berestovitskaya Children Art School in the Methodical-Practical Seminar for teachers of choral disciplines and choir leaders of Grodno Methodical Assossiation. 

In June 2016 the group performed with the concert in the Summer Amphitheatre for the citizens of Berestovitsa. 

In April 2017 the choir «Manzherok» took part in the choral concert of  Berestovitskaya Children Art School.

In May 2017 the group confirmed the title «The Sample Choir» and participated in the report concert of Berestovitskaya Children Art School in the Summer Amphitheatre.

On March 13 2018 the Sample Choir «Mаnzherok» got the Laureate Diploma of the 3rd degree in the regional contest «The New Names» in the nomination «Academic Vocal. Choral Performance».

In May 2018, the choir team was awarded the Diploma of the laureate of the III degree (academic choral singing) of the XVI Moscow International Children and Youth Music Festival «Moscow Sounds».


The head is Svetlana  Baran

Heather – the forests around Pogranichny are rich in this simple, but charming plant. Not without purpose our instrumental ensemble of the teacher of Pogranichny branch is called «Veresk». The Veresk music is born thanks to team members masterful performance and professional instrumental proficiency. Also their desires create and give beauty and joyfulness to people.

The ensemble  «Veresk»  consist of 7 members. All teachers are skilled persons with a guide great work experience, they are really enthusiasts of their business. The ensemble often performs in Pogranichny  also on the scenes of the district and the region.

In December 2017 our instrumental ensemble was given a title «Folk».